Stride Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about Stride! We've got answers to all your questions here.

General Questions

What is Stride?

Stride is the complete communication solution that empowers teams to talk less and do more. It's everything teams need to stay connected but keep moving.

Stride is a new kind of messaging that: 

  • Turns conversations into action with integrated collaboration tools
  • Brings all the right people together instantly with built-in voice and video conferencing
  • Gives you the space to disconnect when needed so you can get to done, faster


Why should my team use Stride?

With Stride you can:

Bring people and purpose together
Designed to maximize collaboration and minimize distraction, Stride has everything you need to connect to the spark of your working life: your teammates. Come together with group messaging to talk through ideas, share your work, and finalize things in searchable, shared rooms.

Dive into deep work with Focus Mode 
Sometimes you need to disconnect to do. Let everyone know when you're heads down on something that requires your complete attention, personally empowering you to unplug when necessary.

Connect with anyone, anywhere with Stride Meetings 
The easiest way to talk face-to-face with your teammates now lives right within Stride. Jump into an impromptu video meeting, add any of your coworkers, dial out to your road warriors, or share your screen with just the click of a button. All of your voice and video conferencing needs are handled.

Move things forward with integrated Actions and Decisions 
Isolate specific follow-ups by marking any message as an action or decision from right within your chat. All these important outcomes live neatly in your sidebar, accessible anytime so you'll never be out of the loop on key decisions or see an important idea pass by. 


Can I demo Stride?

Stride is available now for anyone to demo. Just sign up for a free trial, and start chatting. In the meantime, check out our How it works page for an in-depth look at Stride.

I’m an existing Hipchat Cloud user. Do I need to sign up for Stride?

No, you do not. We’ve already saved your place in line and we'll send your admin an email when we're ready for you.

Please visit our Upgrade FAQs for more info.

How do I get my team started on Stride?

If you already have a Hipchat Cloud account: The admin of your team will receive an email invitation with details on upgrading your team to Stride. If you're an admin, check out our upgrade FAQs for more info.

If you're new to Hipchat and Stride: You can create an account, invite your teammates, and start taking advantage of everything Stride has to offer.

How do I get all of my favorite apps (integrations) in Stride?

Stride apps are being rolled out now. You will be able to install and configure apps right through Stride (just head to the "Apps" tab in your right sidebar). 

We know you want to get your memebot on, too, so don't worry we're continuing to make more of the apps you love. Check out our blog for updates or keep an eye on the Atlassian Marketplace for more to come.

What features does Stride offer?

Stride has a robust suite of communication tools so your team can work and collaborate in any style. 

Stride Meetings:

  • Group and direct video chat
  • Group and direct voice calls
  • Screen sharing
  • Remote desktop control
  • Conference dial-in and call out
  • Join by URL
  • Calendar integration
  • Mobile voice and video chat
  • Live streaming

Collaboration tools:

  • Stride Actions - assign tasks to your team
  • Stride Decisions - mark decisions within your chat stream

Chat tools:

  • Message editing
  • Rich identity cards
  • Room avatars
  • In-app emoji creator
  • Text formatting
  • Multi-file upload
  • Image annotations

Security offerings:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Secure files
  • You can also sign up for Atlassian Access to get SAML single sign-on, password policies, and enforced two-step verification for your whole team.

And much more! Check out our How it works page for details.

I currently use Hipchat Cloud. Why can't I get my team on Stride today?

We're currently upgrading Hipchat Cloud customers to Stride. Your Hipchat admin will receive an email from us when it is time to upgrade. If you'd like to get your team upgraded immediately, let us know here.

Why am I being told my team name is already in use when I try to sign up for Stride?

This could be one of two things. Another team is using that name, in which case you will need to choose a different one. Or, you used to have a Hipchat team with that name and we are reserving that name for them when you upgrade to Stride. If this is the case, you should use your current verision of Stride as a sandbox test site until you are invited to upgrade your Hipchat Cloud site to Stride.

Will Stride offer a way to migrate data from other products?

Currently we do not offer a way to migrate from other solutions but we may in the future.

Is Stride HIPAA compliant?

Stride is not HIPAA compliant, and we do not have a product-specific timeline on it. But the good news is Atlassian tackles compliance at a company level across all of our products. You can see our current philosophy, stats, and updates here.

What devices is Stride available on?

You can use Stride anywhere! Stride is available on desktop and mobile for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux. Smart watch capabilities are coming soon.

What browsers are supported?

We support the following browsers for Stride:

  • Microsoft Edge, latest
  • Firefox (on Mac and Windows), latest
  • Chrome (on Mac and Windows), latest
  • Safari (on Mac), latest
What operating systems are supported?

We support the follow operating systems for Stride:

  • Windows 7 and later
  • Mac 10.10 and later
  • iOS 10 and later
  • Android 5.0 and Later
  • Linux, glibc-2.13+ with KDE, Gnome, and Unity