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How do I get Stride apps (integrations)?

Once you've signed up for Stride, you'll be able to install all your apps through the Stride. See all available Stride apps.

What apps will be accessible in Stride?

All Atlassian Cloud products work with Stride, as well as popular 3rd party applications like Giphy. We've also built a brand new API that will make it easier for our partners to build apps and services that seamlessly integrate into Stride.

While you may find that some of the apps you've used in Hipchat Cloud are not available in Stride at first, we will be adding new apps all the time. Check out our blog for updates about our new integrations or just keep an eye on our Atlassian Marketplace.

What does the Stride API offer?

The Stride API makes it quick and easy build apps for Stride. These apps can:

  • Send messages to rooms and individual users
  • Listen for specific messages or events using webhooks
  • Add bots that users can chat with
  • Extend the Stride app with custom UI—dialogs, sidebars and actions

Apps can be installed in rooms and direct conversations. You can build apps that are only used by your teams, or publish them to the Atlassian Marketplace to make them available to other teams using Stride. Learn more about the Stride API.

How does the 10 app and bot limit on the Stride Free plan work?

Apps and bots that are installed at least once count towards the limit. For example, if you install Trello in 15 conversations, it counts as one. If you install Trello in 15 conversations and Giphy in 5 conversations, it counts as 2.

Once you've reached the limit of 10 apps and bots, you won't be able to install more until you've moved to the paid plan, but you can remove other apps or bots to make room for new ones.

This limit only applies for apps and bots from the Atlassian Marketplace; it does not apply to custom apps and bots built internally at your company.

What features does the Stride API offer that Hipchat Cloud doesn't?

What are the key differences between the Hipchat API and the Stride API?

The Stride API was built with the developer in mind and provides a number of exciting updates, which include:

  • It is much easier to authenticate with the API. No need to manage an OAuth client per installation: all you need is one OAuth client to generate API tokens and talk to the Stride API across all installations.
  • You have much more control over the format of messages you send: paragraphs, code blocks, bold/italic, bullet points, panels, cards...anything goes!
  • Users can install Stride apps in direct conversations, not only in rooms.
  • No need for pesky slash commands anymore: Stride apps can offer bots that users can mention directly in room or in direct conversations.
  • Did users frequently install your add-on in Hipchat but not configure it? We now make it easy for your app to tell users when it's not configured properly.

Learn more about the Stride API.

How can I build a new Stride app?

Check out our API documentation for detailed information about how to build new integrations on Stride. If you can't find what you need, feel free to ask questions in the Stride community forum


Will my Hipchat Cloud integrations work in Stride?

Many Hipchat apps and bots are being optimized for Stride, but you may find that some of the ones you used in Hipchat are not yet available in Stride. Don't worry though, we'll continue to ship new ones and keep you in-the-know on what we're releasing.

All Atlassian Cloud products work with Stride, as well as popular 3rd party applications like Giphy.

Keep an eye on our Atlassian Marketplace page to see all the apps and bots available in Stride.

I use a Hipchat Cloud integration from the Atlassian Marketplace today. Can I migrate my existing configuration and data to Stride?

No, you will need to reinstall and configure the corresponding app in Stride. After upgrading to Stride, we will keep your Hipchat integrations active so you can reference your API setup.

We built our own Hipchat Cloud integrations. Will they work in Stride?

Apps built for Hipchat will not automatically work in Stride and will need to be configured using the Stride API.

Simple Hipchat integrations that send messages to rooms are straightforward to convert, and if you're making use of the Connect UI elements (glances, dialogs, actions, etc.), the conversion effort is minimal.

Questions? Ask in our Stride Community forum.

Does the Stride API support XMPP?

Stride is not built using XMPP and will not support an XMPP interface. In other words, all users should use one of the official Stride clients (generic XMPP clients will not be supported).

We believe that Stride is so much more than just a messaging app, and XMPP alone could not support all of the features we envision for Stride. We understand that it will mean work for developers to update integrations to support Stride, but we believe the long term enhancements will be worth it.

To get started with the API, go to the Stride API documentation.

What happens to Hipchat integrations that work for Hipchat Server and Hipchat Data Center?

Hipchat integrations that are compatible with Hipchat Server or Data Center today will continue to work. Please visit our Marketplace for current integrations.

Will Stride work with Atlassian server products like Jira and Confluence?

There are currently two Jira Server apps for Stride:

  1. Jira Server notifications for Stride
  2. A more comprehensive, paid Jira Server app built by our partners at

We do not yet have apps for Confluence Server or Bitbucket Server but will in the future.

Is the Hipchat API going away?

The Hipchat API will continue to be available in Hipchat Data Center for building integrations or customer integrations.